Here we are, end of week 1 in San Francisco. I’m no longer dying from sunburn, the blisters on my feet have healed, and my calves are slowly adjusting to life where every. single. street. is at a 90 degree incline. But anyway, I started at CBSi on Monday, so you’re probably mostly here for the pictures at the bottom of this page. Well, I guess I can’t stop you from skipping over all of this text, but I’m going to try to summarize the week as best I can. Quite a bit has happened, and I’m 90% sure I’m going to leave some stuff out, but here we go!

Okay, so Monday I had orientation at CBSi.

I got so. much. free. stuff. Honestly, I realize that that is a good thing, but man, I got so much stuff that I’m wondering how I’m going to fit it all in my suitcase in August. They fed us breakfast and lunch, and I ate dinner with some of the other incoming interns that evening. Just from orientation, here is what I learned about CBSi in general:

  • Every week there should be some sort of intern event. This week, it was orientation (and something else that you’ll see in the pictures at the end), but apparently they have a whole list of things that they’ve set up for us, and some still in the works. Some things that they were throwing around while we were all talking was a tour of the Ice Cream Museum (I know), a San Francisco Giants baseball game, and a tour of Alcatraz. I planned on paying for an Alcatraz tour myself, but free is good too. There were other things, but for the sake of surprise, I’ll hold off on those.
  • Third Thursday of each month the entire building gets catered with an assortment of food trucks and free food/buffets
  • Every other day is fruit day. The entire building gets fruit catered to each floor every morning.
  • Every Friday is Food Truck Friday AND BAGEL DAY. Food Trucks literally swarm the building, and the entire building gets a ridiculous amount of bagels dropped off on each floor, for each respective department. (I ate so many bagels yesterday)

Cool. So now that you’ve gotten the run down about CBSi in general, let me tell you about the CBSi Games department. It’s a whole different culture:

  • Every. single. person. is. a. nerd. It’s amazing.
  • No one else on any other floor literally has any idea about what we do down here. They think we play video games all day. Uh.. well.. we uh.. Yeah. We do. We definitely do. And that’s why they think that.
  • There’s a guy in my office who’s entire job description is literally “edit videos and play video games”
  • I can’t even begin to describe the amount of laid-back chill that the entire Games department gives off. I honestly was caught off guard when people around me started cracking open beers at 1:30 on a Wednesday. No, I’m not kidding.
  • People bring in six packs and anyone can just crack one open at any time. No judgement whatsoever.
  • In my first blog post, I mentioned how I had heard that during E3 everyone in Games just comes in, watches all of the conferences in the office, eats a ton of food, drinks beer, and looks up pictures of dogs on Instagram? That entire sentence was actually 100% correct.
  • Today, which marks the beginning of the E3 conferences, a Saturday, people are in the office, getting paid to hang out and “observe” the proceedings, while drinking beer and eating a ton of food, and recording news reports for each game as it is announced. I could’ve gone in, but as a lowly intern, it would’ve been off the clock. (oh nooo…..)
  • I’ll head back in on Monday, and each TV (there are literally dozens and dozens and dozens of TVs in every single corner of the Games department, imagine that) will be showing E3. There will be free food. There will be free beer. There will be video games. But the office will be almost entirely empty because most of the full-timers will actually be at E3.
  • Yes, I am pretty upset that I didn’t get a ticket, but oh well.
  • In the Games department, everyone is incredibly lenient. When I said “chill” earlier, I meant no one cares about most things unless they need to. For example, I have no set working hours. If I want to come in at 10am? I can. If I want to come in at 8am and leave early? I can. If I want to come in later than that even? I can. I can get my 8 hours a day whenever I want. Yes, I know.
  • In. every. single. corner. of the Games department, there are multiple couches with a HUGE assortment of consoles hooked up to each TV. We have a Sony corner, a Microsoft corner, and a Nintendo corner, and an assortment of other consoles strewn about. In each corner, every single generation of console is hooked up, and anyone can just go over and play. I mean, my manager literally has his Nintendo Switch hooked up to his computer monitor at his desk. I cannot stress this enough. The Games department is so. incredibly. chill. Thousands of games exist on this floor. I’m still taking it all in.
  • I think you guys get the picture. Like, even if I were to keep going, you understand. But jeez.

Before I wrap this up, just a few more comments:

I work with the blinking white guy meme. Yes, I work with the man behind the meme. He plays games on Giant Bomb, and sits just a few seats down from me in the office. His name is Drew.

I ate Shawarma. It was pretty good.

K. Enjoy your pictures. See you next week.