I lied.

But ya know what I didn’t do? I didn’t take pictures! I completely forgot about taking pictures! Hooray!

I took some, only a few, once I realized that I hadn’t even been using my camera for anything this week. But lets cut to the chase!

Monday! I worked. Quite a bit.

Tuesday! I worked. Quite a bit.

Wednesday! I worked. 4 hour conversation with Dan. Quite a long one.

Thursday! I did a thing! Now you might be asking yourself, “Amber, why did you do this thing when you are alone on the other side of the country, and why did you get the thing done in the area that you did? You can’t reach that. Your arms don’t bend that way. And you’re alone, so you don’t have anyone to help with it.” And to that I say, “you’re a smarty pants, what, do you have a brain on your shoulders or something? Strange”

You might also be asking yourself, “Did Amber even think ahead to the fact that she would have to care for said thing all by herself?” And to THAT I say, “why do you continue to ask me such valid questions?”

Friday! I went home early from work so that I could clean said thing! Hooray!

Now, you might again be asking yourself, “Okay. Great. But… how?” and man, if only you guys could’ve seen me struggling in the bathroom for an hour and fifteen minutes. You’d either be extremely impressed, or even more concerned. But the good news is I’m slowly becoming able to bend my arms in ways that I didn’t previously imagine possible. You’d be surprised what you’d be able to get your body do in such dire circumstances, ya know?

Oh, and I also bought a thing preemptively. It’s been somewhat of an angel, otherwise known as a “non-absorbent lotion applicator” for hard to reach places that a human being clearly cannot reach by themselves. It’s strange, it’s almost like other people thought this through more than I did. Weird, right?

(PS: Next week is week 7 and my entire life is basically flashing before my eyes)

(PPS: Please send pasta, I’m begging you, I dream about pasta every single night even though I live right across the street from SF’s Italian┬áhaven)

(PPPS: I daydream about pasta. Fish pasta. Plain noodles. Rice. Sausage pasta. But instead of feeding myself properly I’ve instead chosen to spend my money on things that are much more expensive and unfortunately inedible, do not expand in water, and don’t taste good with meat sauce)