This week was an easy week. While there were significantly less dogs in the office to spend my entire day getting paid to pet, we did have the 4th of July off work entirely, so this week felt strange the entire way through. Tuesday felt like Friday. Thursday felt like Monday, and then Friday felt even weirder. But here I am! Saturday night, sitting in my bed, typing this, in complete darkness with my laptop screen illuminating my keyboard as the only light in the entire room.

I wanna make some notes in this blog because I didn’t do much that would be deemed blog-able, mostly because this week was a 4 day work week. Next week there should be significantly more to talk about, but that’s next week!

Since I’ve been in California, there have been quite a few things that really caught me off guard. Cali is a strange place, and I wanna talk about it:

  • In the city of San Francisco, no matter where you go, if you purchase something and need a bag to carry it home, you have to pay a bag tax. San Francisco is in the midst (or has been for some time) of really trying to cut down on plastic waste, and waste in general, and from literally all of the other places I’ve ever visited, it’s doing the most. If you shop at CVS and buy a ton of things and need a bag, you have to pay for the bag. I’m not talking a nice, woven bag. You have to purchase your paper/plastic bag. Just a normal bag that you would get anywhere else with your groceries/items, but in SF, you have to buy it. It’s only 10 cents, but man, it caught me off guard when I went into a Subway and bought a footlong sub, and they charged my 10 cents for a bag. A subway bag. For my sandwich. I was… confused.
    • But naturally now that I’ve spent about $1 total on just BAGS, I’ve learned my lesson, and the polite Amber that constantly just says “yes please” when I’m asked for a bag in a store/restaurant has since put her foot down and refuses to spend another dime. Literally.
  • There are people who are hired to dig through public trash cans to sort recyclables. These people (mostly elderly women, for some reason) literally walk around with trash bags in their hands (I’m talking dozens of trash bags), open up random public trash cans on every street, and dig through the trash. They sort each recyclable into it’s appropriate bag, and then they close the lid and go to the next trash can. So for those of you who think recycling is hard – just do the stupid thing. Who’s that guy who hosts that show Dirty Jobs? Has this made it on there yet? Because jeez.
  • San Francisco has weird taxes/fees. Like the bag tax, there are other strange things that I didn’t know about until I started actually reading random little signs that are posted throughout grocery stores. For example, a “Sweetened Beverage Fee” applies to drinks that have added sweetener in them. This was in a Walgreens, but it was in Trader Joes and CVS too. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Vegans? Can someone explain this?
  • They’re also really bad at spelling, but that’s beside the point
  • Most of San Francisco is incredibly old. So even though California is known for having earthquakes, if a decent earthquake were to hit near where I am staying, the building would crumble like a house of cards. Naturally, all of the buildings that are taller or built more recently have protections built in, but older cities like Chinatown just do not. Fun fact.

If we’re getting into fun facts now, have some more!

  • Did you know that the first case of the bubonic plague within the continental US broke out in Chinatown in 1900? Right where I am. Yay!
  • San Francisco’s cable cars are the only National Historical Monument that can move. Neat!

Okay – so I’m out of facts. But I could just start making some up? Or I can just cut to the pictures?.. I’ll do that.

See ya next week