This week marks 1 month since I’ve been in San Francisco. On Monday, it will be 1 month since I started at CBS. In the last month, I have walked up more inclines than I ever have in my life, I’ve learned to maneuver through one of the (relatively) smallest big-cities on the planet, I’ve witnessed a seagull eating a woman’s sandwich whole, I’ve worked with some of the best coworkers I’ve ever had, I’ve worked at arguably the best job I’ve ever had, and now, I can officially say I have pet more dogs in an office environment than ever before.

So, this week was a combination of things. We had intern events, company events, corporate events, and multiple outings. All in all, it was one of the most event-packed weeks that I’ve had so far at CBS.

On Monday, my team took out all of the interns (because a few started last week) for lunch. And by all of the interns, I mean myself and 1 other guy. There are about 6 interns working down in the Games department, but within the Design and Product departments, it’s just me and my new desk mate, who started on Monday of last week. For the outing, we went to what was apparently one of their go-to pizza spots just down the road called Tony’s Slice House. Pizza slices there are about the size of 2 of my heads put together, and they’re all relatively cheap for ~$6 a slice. I know! I was excited.

After we showed up, I realized that although slices are relatively cheap, the team was actually going to order multiple full pizzas for the entire group. So, we got 5 entire pizzas, two of which were about half the size of a twin-sized bed, and the other three were fancy pizzas that were relatively smaller, but still giant. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the food, mostly because I was too busy enjoying the company and, ya know, eating. But rest assured, it looked as nice as it tasted, which was delicious. Also, everyone had a beer. This normally wouldn’t sound strange, as it’s a pizza place, but it was 11:30am on a Monday morning.


Tuesday we had our first Intern talkathon, and by talkathon, I mean we got free food and were all shuffled into a room while someone from higher up in the company spoke to all of us. This week it was the President of Business Intelligence for CBSi, and she was pretty swell. For the food, we were originally promised Chipotle, but unfortuntely our order fell through (I mean, they were ordering for 30+ people less than 12 hours in advance, so I wasn’t ~super~ surprised), but we still got giant burritos and endless chips and salsa, so it was nice.

Wednesday was the Giant’s baseball game that I unfortunately did not attend, but it was for the best.

Thursday, however, was quite the day. On Thursday, after another 2-3 hour conversation with Dan in what was supposed to only be a 25 minute meeting, CBS hosted an ice cream float party! I know! I took a few pictures of all of the happenings when I made it down to the break room. CBS is hosting an AID’s walk next week sometime, and Thursday was the kick-off event that preceded the walk itself. There was quite the assortment of stuff, and I ate entirely too much of it, but I regret nothing.

And Friday. Oh, Friday.

Friday, otherwise known as the best day for multiple reasons, was the best day for multiple reasons this week. Friday, 6/29, was Bagel Day, Food Truck Friday, and K9 Friday. What did this mean for me? It meant tears.

So, Friday I ate entirely too many bagels, and before I realized it, I heard barking coming from the other side of the department. So what did I do? I ignored it, like a scrub. Then we had our daily standup meeting, and as I was exiting the room after we finished, I saw the culprit. A cute little pitbull mix on the other side of the department from me. Not strangely, as everyone in my office at this point is well aware of my dog obsession, I gasped so loudly that I started coughing. After that moment, that singular moment, I realized what this Friday was. And it was in that moment that I immediately returned to my desk (I literally ran) and got my key-card to gain access to every floor of the building, and I went on a dog hunt.

I found 6 dogs at 10:00am that morning, and I went on another dog hunt about 2 hours later because I was hearing random rumors that new dogs had been brought in, and that one of them was a Newfie. A NEWFIE?!?!

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, and all in all, I’m proud of how many pictures I actually got that weren’t blurry from me petting each dog so vigorously from pure happiness. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the Newfie anywhere in the building, and I went on multiple dog hunts. 1 of those hunts was specifically to find that Newfie, but I just couldn’t.

At about 11am, Dan was messaging me asking me how many dogs I had found, and I told him that I had already been to every floor twice and had found 6, and had already taken 17 photos. He laughed, but in the absence of everyone else who normally enables my dog obsession, he and I went on a dog hunt together to the Food Truck court, where we both got Food Truck vouchers and ate lunch outside, where we knew all of the doggos would begin congregating. I wasn’t disappointed, but you will be, because I left my phone at my desk. Because of this, I didn’t get any pictures of the courtyard, the Food Trucks, or any of the dogs outside, but rest assured, there were tears, and so. many. dogs. During our dog-lunch-adventure, more and more dogs began piling out of the building and into the courtyard. At one point, I saw a little doodle puppy and Dan saw me gasp so powerfully that I inhaled rice.┬áHe thought it was hilarious, I thought I was going to die. Also, for better of worse, he has slowly become my dog enabler in absence of everyone back in Indy, so I guess it’s to be expected.

Ultimately, Friday consisted entirely of dogs, free food, video games, snacks, and good stories. It was work heaven.