Just kidding.

No, I’m not fired, but yes, I am still wondering how I’m going to fit everything in my suitcase in August. I’m STILL getting things (read as: one E3 shirt) but man, I’ve been out of room since I even packed it the first time. But, as someone who had never traveled before, I was unfortunately very dumb and did not pack light.


A few intern events unfortunately got moved around this week to next week (although I won’t be attending the SF Giants Baseball game because I’m not big on baseball, and it doesn’t end until after 11pm. Even if I went, I’d be asleep before half time. Does baseball even have half time? Don’t they go by innings? Is an inning a measurement? Half inning..? Inning.. time…?)

Anyway, we get free Chipotle next week for a lunch talk, so that’s neat. My team is also taking all of the new interns out to lunch down in the Games department on Monday, so that’s also neat. BUT, that’s next week!

This past week, I did a whole lotta nothing outside of work. I did walk around a bit to get some last-minute things done before Pride weekend (which is right now) because apparently there are over 1.4 million people downtown as I type this (and I can also hear them). Did I mention that San Francisco is only 7 miles wide in any direction? The entire city of San Francisco is a 7 mile x 7 mile square. Picture this as you try to imagine 1.4 million people, mushed together, on the same single downtown street (aka Market St), in an already teeny-tiny geographical area. While you’re imagining that, picture everyone naked (at 71 degrees it’s a great day for streaking, perfect day for the Parade honestly) and picture more color than you’ve ever seen in a downtown city from 7am on a Sunday morning to 9pm on a Sunday night, and that’s what’s happening on the same route that I will take to work tomorrow morning. I’m kinda excited to see what’s left behind when I head down there, but for now, I’ll chill here, on my bed, listening to the sounds of music, cheering, and the occasional siren from a little over a mile away. Happy Pride!

As for this weeks shenanigans, the smartest thing I did all week was finally go to a grocery store and buy a watermelon. And by buy a watermelon, I mean I ate three entire watermelons this week. Yes, three. Remember those “last-minute” things I mentioned before? They were to buy watermelons early so I had some to eat while I avoided all the crowds downtown this entire weekend. Do I have any now? No, because I am dumb. I ate an entire watermelon on Monday, went to the store after and bought a new one, ate the entire thing on Tuesday and Wednesday, went to the store and bought another one to “last me until Monday” and I ate the entire thing Thursday and Friday. So, I’m sitting here, watermelonless and sad, telling you about this because there’s something wrong with me and my inability to not inhale an entire fruit twice the size of my head in less than 24 hours.

Also sad? I have basically no upper-body strength combined little baby noodle arms and I can’t carry more than 1 watermelon at a time from the store to my dorm, which is about 1.5 miles, without losing the ability to move my arms, text, hold my phone, write, or feed myself. How do I know this? Because I carried 1 watermelon 1.5 miles and all of that happened. I felt like a newborn baby fawn. It was pathetic.

Also, from my walk to the grocery store (BEFORE I bought anything, so I was melonless and could actually lift my phone like it didn’t weigh 2,000 lbs) the one and only Michael Jackson V2 made an appearance. Enjoy.

One thing that I will mention is that I can’t decide if my time in San Francisco is going by fast, or slow. When I look at my calendar it seems like it’s going by quickly, but when I look at how much time I still have left it seems like it’s going by fairly slow. Then, when I actually look at the amount of time I’ve been with CBS I feel like the last century has flown by and I missed all of it because it was going too fast.

For example, I was giving other interns tours of each department this week. A new intern group started on Monday, and me, being the veteran intern that I am (read: I had no idea where I was going), I volunteered to give them an entire tour of each of the departments. It was nice, and I didn’t even get lost. More than the two times that I did.

Regardless, I still have 6! weeks over here. To some that might seem like it’s gone by crazy quickly, and to others it might seem like it’s going by kinda slow, but by the end of next week I will be halfway done with my internship, and I feel like I just started it yesterday.

On that same note, I have had two individual 2.5 hour long conversations with Dan (my boss) in the last two weeks, just talking about anything and everything. He was shocked to hear that I only had 8 weeks left when that was still the case. Now it’s 6, and it seems like he’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be here in a month and a half. The good news is they like me being here as much as I like working here.

Also, fun fact! There are six dogs that come to work with their owners every single day at CBS. Two are on the third floor, two are on the fourth floor, one is on the fifth floor, and one is on the sixth floor. This week, I had a meeting up on the fifth floor and I was blessed by the presence of a little sheltie mix named Fara, happiest and peppiest thing I’ve ever seen in an editorial office, and she even blinked at me. TWO TIMES. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with her. We were walking past her and I just put my hand over my heart and said “Dan, we were blessed today.” He laughed, but I was serious.

During one of our conversations I talked almost exclusively about my dogs for the better part of an hour, and we then discussed dog stories for the next hour and a half. As a matter of fact, my slight (lol) dog obsession unfortunately manifested (it was going to happen eventually) during one of our department meetings. An intern that started on Monday was telling me about how he had been bitten by a dog when he was younger and has since been afraid of dogs, and me being me, completely seriously, with a very stern look on my face, stated aloud “If a dog ever bit me I’d just chop that appendage off of my body and give it to him. Like ‘oh, you’re so cute. Are you hungry? Oh, do you want this? Here, you can have it!’ I’d even offer to cut it up for him to make it easier to digest.”

Almost immediately I got a ton of “What?!” ‘s from all around the table, and that’s when I realized that people in San Francisco aren’t used to hearing a dog obsession that has developed to the point where mine is be verbalized in such a casual way.


Ya live and ya learn.