Okay, so, you probably know the drill now. One more week down, 8 weeks left on the other side of the country. I love my coworkers. I love my supervisor. I love everyone in the Games department. I love the Games department in general.

I love dogs.

But I use this blog as a way to summarize my week, so I’ll get to that too. First off, this week was not a typical week by any means. This was E3 week, so I was basically the only person in the office on Monday and Tuesday, and because it was E3 week, I only worked on Monday and Tuesday, and I worked from home the rest of the week, while the rest of the office was in LA at E3. Was it nice? Yes, of course. But, that also means that I purposefully didn’t leave my house because I could just sit in my bed all day. So did I do that? Of course.

What does that mean? I have significantly less photos for you! Yay! (I know you all like your pictures – I get it.)

Not that I’ll always have 100+ photos for you to swipe through anyway, but I mean, it was nice while it lasted, right?

Alright. So, this week:

  • I almost stole a dog while I was walking back from Trader Joe’s because she didn’t have a collar, was patiently sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, and was smol and cute. She was an itty bitty, all white, short-haired chihuahua that I immediately named Jodie (Yes. I got incredibly, inexplicably close to bringing Odie home a new girlfriend.) Then I realized she belonged to a homeless woman and I awkwardly walked away while maintaining eye contact with Jodie. We bonded.
  • I spent all. week. watching E3. They had it on at work, and even when I was home, I had it on. Constantly. Which may or may not be another reason why I didn’t really leave my house this week. 🙂
  • I made a list of games that I want to get when I get back to Indy.
    • Yes, I’m still really upset that I didn’t bring any of my handhelds/consoles with me. Yes, I’m having withdrawals. Here’s a short list of some things that caught my eye during E3:
      • Crash Bandicoot for Switch
      • DK Country for Switch!
      • MegaMan on Switch
      • I want to try the Octopath Travelor demo. It looked neat.
      • Smash. Of course.
      • Wolfenstein actually looked neato, and I wouldn’t mind trying it.
      • Fallout Shelter for Switch
    • I’m just trying to expand my Switch library, ya know?

But, I think I’m at the point in my time here where things here are becoming more of a routine, and less of a huge adventure. Unless I purposefully go out on an adventure, which I didn’t this week, because I wanted to take it easy, ya know?

Anyway, here’s a video of a Michael Jackson impersonator from my walk to the grocery store today. Enjoy.

K. I know you want to swipe through the photos, so here ya go.