Project Description

Pioneer Design System

Pioneer is Wells Fargo’s enterprise-scale, inclusive, internal design system. Pioneer began as a small suite of custom components created for our Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) suite of products, which includes over 100 internal systems and applications. This collection of applications shape nearly the entirety of Wells Fargo’s financial services, including treasury management, fraud and security, foreign exchange, trust, investment, lending, personal spending, and many other online financial services.

Pioneer consists of over 70 components, all standardized on our internal design system site, as well as on our accompanying API with full component specifications gathered across multiple disciplines.

Leaders on the Pioneer design system team participated in a live discussion describing some of the successes, difficulties, and maintenance requirements of creating and implementing an enterprise-wide, inclusive design system like Pioneer.

This video is a great introduction into our design system, some of our work, and our team – feel free to watch!

The full live discussion can also be found here.

Notable Projects

Some of my most notable contributions include:

  • Leading the introduction and implementation of design tokens throughout Pioneer, allowing our components to be themed to match other internal brands as needed.
  • Leading the creation of our Components page on Pioneer’s design system site – this is a page that lists each of our components individually, linking off to our API index for that component, our Specs for that component, giving a short description, as well as showing a visual thumbnail of the component on it’s own individual card. This page was created to house all of our components in one place, in a more ready-to-consume format for both designers and developers than what currently is available on our API site, which can be very technical.
  • Creating and launching Pioneer’s Design System website – available as a source of truth for designers and developers. This website houses all of Pioneer, aggregating information from our Specifications repository, our API site, and our GitHub repository in one convenient place.
  • Creation and management of new and existing design system components
  • Leading adoption of Pioneer by teams outside of our CEO suite – this includes Gateway, our Developer Portal, and various other smaller application teams.

Although I’m not able to explicitly show the work that I have completed at Wells Fargo, I’d be happy to discuss any of the projects I’ve worked on.

Feel free to get in touch!

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