Project Description

INOVA Federal Rewards System


INOVA Federal is a credit union headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. They have over 5,000 service centers and branches across the country, and serve over 35,000 members. INOVA Federal wanted to introduce a rewards system, similar to those of other large banking corporations, that would allow their members to redeem points that they accumulate by using their INOVA Credit and Debit cards for daily transactions. INOVA wanted members to be able to redeem their points in several different ways, ranging from ordering travel/gift cards, to redeeming points directly to their INOVA banking accounts as a statement credit.

My Role

  • UX Research, Interviewing, Data Analysis
  • ‌‌Information Architecture Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development


2 Weeks for Design

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Balsamiq
  • HTML
  • CSS

The Challenge

The biggest challenge throughout this project was the timeline for design. I had 2 weeks total to conduct research with INOVA Federal users and design a full system meeting INOVA’s own business and administrative requirements, their project timeline, and their user’s desires, before handing it off it to be developed for a launch date that was set for less than 2 months later. After handing it off to back-end development, I conducted ~7 weeks of design QA while simultaneously developing the front-end of the product to ensure user experience, flow, and overall visual design was being maintained before the system was ultimately launched.



INOVA’s Rewards System supports INOVA Federal’s members who are interested in signing up for Rewards, as well as those who manage Member and User accounts, This system has the following user types:

  • Member (Those who have accounts through INOVA Federal)
  • Admins (Bank Tellers, Accountants, Customer Service Representatives)

The system supports multiple tasks for each of these users to complete.


This system will allow Members to redeem points accumulated through usage of their INOVA Federal Debit and Credit cards for cash/credit towards VISA gift cards, travel cards, statement credits, and more.

Admins, bank tellers, and other staff members are able to manage Member accounts, registrations, and manage and fulfill all redemption requests submitted by Members.

Members will be able to request point redemptions from the Member-facing side of the rewards system.


Members utilize this system to view their point accumulation, and redeem points that they have accumulated through purchases with their INOVA credit and debit cards.

Admins (bank tellers) utilize this system to troubleshoot Member issues, manage Member profiles, and complete redemption requests submitted by Members. Additionally, Admins are able to customize rewards amounts, dates, expirations, and more, within their system.


INOVA Federal wanted to be able to provide their Members with a method for redeeming points accumulated through utilizing their INOVA credit and debit cards, to give their Members a feature that validated and rewarded their loyalty. With an initial launch date set for 2 months after we received this project, we needed to ensure we provided an expedited design and development process that did not sacrifice user experience.

Project Workflow

2. Research

Due to the nature of the shortened timeline for initial design, I sat down with 2 INOVA Federal customers and 2 members of staff to begin gathering enough data and gaining enough context about the business to begin creating our initial product designs. Interviews were short, semi-structured, 15-30 minute conversations ranging from general product usage (for members/customers) and administrative needs (for staff). For this product, I created a member-facing side, as well as an administrative side fully capable of supporting both staff and members with managing point redemptions.

Ultimately, the following needs were outlined for Members:

  • Redeem points to:
    • Statement credit (Credit cards only)
    • Cash to their account (Debit cards only)
    • Gift/prepaid cards
  • View point totals
  • See all qualifying redemption types

The following tasks were outlined for Admins:

  • Manage redemption requests
  • Sign up Members
  • View Member profiles and redemption history
  • Create reward “days” (i.e. automatic 50 points on your birthday)
  • Manage other system settings

3. Member Redemption

All screens were created in Sketch. For the member-facing portion of the system, I designed a mobile and desktop view of the redemption screens. Members would log into the Rewards System, and immediately be shown their dashboard, detailing their accumulation history and their current point total. From there, they can swipe or scroll to view all of the redemption possibilities they qualify for, for all methods. This was formally requested by INOVA.

Once they select a redemption type, they are taken to the redemption page. If a specific redemption method was chosen on the dashboard (i.e. Redeem points for a Prepaid Card) the first few options on this page would already be filled out for the member.

Sign Up

Members are given the option to sign up for the Rewards System. Alternatively, they can Log In if they already have an account, or contact INOVA Federal Customer Service to obtain assistance with creating their account. To tie Rewards accounts to INOVA Federal banking accounts, the member must know their Member ID No.


Once a Member successfully logs into their account, they land on their Dashboard. Here, they can view their accumulation history, and swipe (or scroll, on desktop) to view their redemption options.


From any screen, a Member can access the menu. Here, they can go directly to the redemption page, return to the INOVA Banking website, go to their profile to make changes to account information, or logout.


Once a Member lands on their profile page, they can reset their password, or update account information. In order to update more sensitive information, such as their name, they must contact INOVA Federal directly.

Redemption Page

Once a Member is on the redemption page, they can begin filling out the form to determine their rewards preferences. After they have submitted their request, they are shown a success prompt, and taken back to their home dashboard.

Dashboard – Desktop

This is the Member dashboard on desktop.

Redemption Page – Desktop

This is the Member redemption page on desktop.

4. Administrative System

Admins (Bank Tellers & Marketing/Accounting Staff) needed to be able to manage all redemption requests, as well as ensure that they had the capabilities within the system to manipulate reward amounts, dates, expirations, notifications, and more. I designed a full-scale administrative system to allow them to do just that.

All screens were made in Sketch. Not all screens are present, due to client privacy preferences.

Admin – Task List

Using this task list, admins are able to sort through (and claim) specific redemption requests. Due to the number of admins (Bank Tellers) that would be using the system simultaneously, the “claim” functionality was included to ensure that no two tellers would be completing the same task. Once an item is claimed, it is locked to the top of the claimer’s Task List, and all other Tellers are unable to view that item, unless it is unclaimed or completed.

Once an item is claimed, the Teller can view the redemption information for that specific task, such as address information, Member information, and reward information (such as amount).

On a claimed item, a Teller will be able to select the “Complete” button to mark that item complete in the system. Tellers are able to filter items in many ways, including completion status. The Task List is sorted with oldest redemption requests appearing first.

Admin – Manage Members

From the Manage Members page, admins are able to login as any Member if necessary. Admins are able to view profile information, contact information, redemption history, and more from this page. Additionally, service requests such as resetting passwords, updating contact information, or signing up a Member for the Rewards System are conducted from this page.

Admins are also able to notify Members who have not signed up for their Rewards Account that they have points available for redemption.

DNA Email (Daily News & Announcements) fields are used by admins in order to determine matching email addresses on file. Due to the Rewards System being separate from their banking systems, Members can sign up for their Rewards account with a different email, if desired. If a Member does not have the same email in both fields, notification emails will go to both addresses. If it is the same email in both fields, an email will only be sent to the single address. This was an issue that INOVA requested be at the forefront of this Member’s list, in order to keep track in their own records for their own purposes.

6. Feedback and Future Iterations

INOVA was very happy with their new rewards system. In the near future, a full research analysis will be conducted by me on the usability and functionality of the system from a Member perspective. Interviews will take place over time, and feedback for improvements will be analyzed and implemented in future states.

INOVA Federal’s website can he found here.

A link to the Rewards Program signup pages can be found here.

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