Project Description

Care+ Caretaker Application


When routine appointments and medication tracking becomes overwhelming, especially for an elderly individual, it can become difficult to ensure that they are keeping up with their routine by themselves.


Application that assists caregivers with tasks related to tracking medicines, ordering and managing prescriptions, managing appointments, tracking exercise and/or diet, and generally help foster their ability to assist their patients  with living as healthy as possible, or in ways that align with their necessities, due to sickness or old age.

My Role

  • UX Research, Interviewing, Data Analysis
  • Information Architecture Design
  • U‌X/UI Design, Prototyping


4 Weeks

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Balsamiq
  • Figma

The Challenge

Research and create a tracking database application in 4 weeks to help assist caregivers of elderly individuals with easily tracking health related information over time.

1. Context


This application is targeted towards the caregivers of elderly or sick individuals. The overall design was created to be more inviting to younger caretakers, and provide a more stimulating interface for their daily tasks. Target users were between the ages of 18-28.


The main function of this application is to provide is to assist caregivers with maintaining and managing the healthcare of the elderly, sick, or otherwise health-conscious individuals. This application allows users to track their medications, manage prescriptions, create appointments, maintain their diet and track their exercise routines.


This application can be used via mobile device as often as necessary to track health. Over time, users will be able to view aggregated snapshots of their nutrition and diet information, as well as various other health related information, to assist them with tracking and maintaining their health related goals.


If an individual has multiple medical conditions, is required to take a multitude of medications to manage those conditions, and simultaneously has to keep record of each and every appointment they need to attend (especially if they have multiple appointments a week), their health-related needs can certainly be placed at the forefront of their lives, leaving less time for living.

Project Workflow

2. UX Design and Strategies

Below are examples of my low-fidelity prototype that was created using Balsamiq.

Calendar and Appointment Tracking

In this application, I have included a calendar, time-keeping device, and an alert system that will ensure that the user continues to take their medications on time, eat on time, etc. They can add new appointments to their calendar to keep track of them, and even connect their application to their doctor’s/hospitals calendar system to keep more detailed information about their appointments handy at all times.

Medication Tracking

Care+ allows users to input their current medications and the frequency of which they need to take each medication, and will allow them to create alerts at various times of the day to remain on schedule. It will also let users know when they are running low on their medication prescriptions, and when it is time to refill.

Nutrition Tracking

Care+ also includes a nutrition tracker, as suggested during my first user evaluation. Using this tracker, users will be able to ensure that they are sticking to their recommended diet based on their health needs. They can input the name of the food they have eaten, track calories, nutrition information such as calories/fiber, and view an aggregated snapshot of their nutrition intake at weekly intervals on the main page.

Record Keeping

Using this application, users will be able to track various aspects of their health, including allergies, lab results, health conditions, medications, and nutrition. This feature of the application would provide an overview of each health aspect, allowing the user to drill-down into more detailed information if desired. They can use this feature to enter new health conditions, allergies, medications, and other health-related information. This serves as a catch-all for their health care records.

Application Workflow

3. High-Fidelity Prototype

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