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Project Description

Breed Companion


Many dog owners were unaware of how to best manage their pet’s health and routine needs. They also had concerns about maintaining their pet’s weight and had questions about how to ensure that their pet was in ideal health.


An application that would assist dog owners with maintaining their pets’ weight to prevent joint degradation due to overeating, ensuring their pet is at ideal health for it’s age and breed, and tracking their pet’s exercise levels as they relate to weight gain and joint health.

My Role

  • UX Research, Interviewing, Data Analysis
  • Information Architecture Design
  • UX/UI Design, Prototyping


4 Weeks

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Balsamiq
  • ‌Figma
  • Marvel

The Challenge

Determine an area where tracking health data around something besides a person’s health might benefit people.

1. Context


We targeted pet owners, specifically dog owners, ages 18 and above. We targeted individuals who were generally tech-savvy, and who commonly utilized their mobile device for reasons that centered on their pet (researching products in pet stores, scheduling routine needs, etc.).


The application offers many main functions, including allowing users to track their pet’s caloric intake, exercise levels, weight changes, and other health information that is commonly associated with specific breeds, such as allergies or diseases, over time. It also offers the ability for pet owners to compare their pet’s current health information to that of the breed average, enabling them to see where their pet’s health could be improved, or where their pet is excelling health-wise.


This mobile application would be used anytime daily by the pet owner to track their pet’s health information. This application is meant to track pet information for extended periods of time, and offers the user the ability to view aggregated pet information in different views such as weekly, monthly, or yearly.


During the creation of this app, interviews and observations were conducted with dog owners. These dog owners expressed concerns with many areas of maintaining their dog’s health, but most repeatedly expressed concerns with maintaining their weight to prevent joint degradation due to overeating, ensuring their pet is at ideal health for it’s age and breed, and tracking their pet’s exercise levels as they relate to weight gain and joint health.

Project Workflow

2. UX Design and Strategies

Below are examples of our low-fidelity prototype that was created using Balsamiq.

Menu, login, register, and account screens for low-fidelity prototype

Creating an Account

Users are able to set up their profile while creating an account. After they have successfully created an account, they will be prompted with a banner to set up their pet’s own portfolio on their account. This will populate their homepage with information about their pet’s health.

Home and breed comparison screens for low-fidelity prototype

Using the Comparison Tool

Using this application, users will be able to compare their dog’s current health to that of the breed average. User’s will be given recommendations to improve their pet’s health if any of the measured health areas (weight, fitness levels, caloric intake, etc.) fall below their breed average. If a user’s pet is a mixed breed, populated data is taken from the average of both (or all) breeds that their pet is mixed with, added together, and averaged once again.

Create portfolio and portfolio screens for low fidelity prototype

Creating a Pet Portfolio

Users are able to create portfolios for each of their dogs, utilizing their unique information relating to their weight, fitness levels, caloric intake, gender, and breed. After each account has been created, they can begin tracking their pet’s health over time, populating graphs and charts within the app that visualize this information.

Home and add data screens for low-fidelity prototype

Inputting Daily Data

Users have the ability to quickly input daily information regarding their pets health. Users can enter information such as exercise and fitness levels, water intake, caloric intake, and weight. This information can then immediately be viewed in visualized charts shown on the homepage.

Initial homepage and homepage after a portfolio has been created for the low-fidelity prototype

Homepage Management

Once users have successfully created their account and their pet’s portfolio, they can begin tracking their pet’s health over time. Each day that the user logs in to input their pet’s daily information, they can do so on the homepage. Additionally, they will be able to see the visualized data update on each graph shown on the homepage as soon as their new daily information has been input.

Home and View Reports low-fi images of prototype

Tracking Multiple Pets

Users are able to create portfolios for multiple pets. Their pet portfolios will show each pet’s visualized data individually, and users can switch between pets at any time.

Application Workflow

3. Prototype

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A collection of UI Design concepts. This collection will be filled with more UI Designs on a weekly basis.



Healthcare maintenance application for the sick, elderly, and their caregivers